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Enough of delayed travel plans—as things ramp up, now is the time to let Emergent help ensure you have the resources you need to help protect travelers.

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Analysis: Now is the time

The annual number of Americans traveling internationally increased substantially in the 5-year period preceding the COVID-19 pandemic.1 Now, a pent-up demand for authentic cultural experiences combined with an increased awareness of health and safety presents a unique opportunity for travel health programs.2,3

It’s an ideal time to activate or reactivate your Emergent Profile and take advantage of Emergent Travel Health’s innovation to help add to your program’s success.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased interest in travel health by ≥60% on multiple measures3

In a study, US travelers were more interested in3:


Researching travel health risks for international travel


Consulting a medical professional to discuss travel health risks and/or vaccination recommendations for international travel


Receiving vaccinations for travel-related illnesses prior to international travel


Receiving preventive medications for travel-related illnesses prior to international travel


Receiving medications to treat travel-related illnesses prior to international travel as necessary

Recovery of travel to “at-risk” countries is expected to return to 80% of pre-COVID levels by 2023 and fully recover by 2024.3

Emergent is ready to help you build your travel health services

Emergent provides programs, insights, and materials to help keep you informed and enhance the effectiveness of your travel health services, helping you reach the travelers who count on you.

Activating your Emergent Profile gives you immediate access to our Resource Center, including personalized tools and resources to help:


Optimize efficiency of
traveler consults


Build awareness among
travelers of the importance of
seeking healthcare advice well before departure


Overcome travel


Educate people about travel-
related illnesses and their risks
of contracting them

When you create an Emergent profile, we will be able to provide you with tailored information to help you serve your travelers better.

You will also have the personal assistance of a dedicated Customer Care Team.

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