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Addressing Challenges

We understand that your focus is the travelers who count on you for help. We are dedicated to providing products to help you keep them safe and healthy when traveling.

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How can we help you?

We are more than a vaccine manufacturer. As part of our commitment to helping our customers, Emergent Travel Health provides you with programs and services designed to simplify your destination-specific consults, increase vaccination protection rates, and enhance the effectiveness of your travel health program.

We utilize retail pharmacy data and Emergent traveler data to understand consumer behavior.

We provide educational materials for HCPs and for travelers, including:

HCP flash cards

Traveler profiles


Consumer travel health guides

Consumer brochures

Online education hubs

Direct-to-consumer reimbursement program

We share what we learn to keep you up to date and help make your consults more efficient.

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Evaluating unmet needs in travel health

Up to 87% of international travelers may become ill during or after travel.1 As international travel increases, more US travelers are potentially exposed to traveler-related diseases.


Up to 79% of travelers who frequently visit developing nations (e.g., India, Tanzania, and Kenya) become ill1

43% to 79%

As many as 43% to 79% of travelers to low-and middle-income countries become ill with travel-related health issues1

62% and 77%

Among travelers who contract a travel-related illness, 77% will experience health problems during travel and 62% will experience health problems after travel1

22% to 64%

Upon returning home, 22% to 64% of people traveling internationally for work will need to see a specialist for an unresolved health issue2

The wide gulf between travelers' awareness and their actions shows an enormous need for travel-related information


93% of US travelers planning to visit countries outside of North America or Western Europe checked for travel health risks and vaccination recommendations prior to travel (N=1.059)1


57% of international travelers reported not receiving a vaccine
prior to their most recent at-risk trip (N=814)1

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Convergence: Emergent’s innovations rise to the challenge

We are proud to share these recent developments for our customers.

Resource Center

Completing your Emergent Profile gives you access to tools and resources that will help to:

  • Build awareness among travelers of the importance of seeking healthcare advice well before leaving home
  • Educate travelers about travel-related illnesses and their risks of contracting them
  • Prepare you for when travel is fully back

Customer Care Menu

Our Customer Care Menu gives you instant access to registration, privacy and communications preferences, and contact requests.

Harnessing future opportunities

Emergent is committed to providing our customers and travel industry colleagues with the information and resources needed as we navigate a safe return to global travel. To keep us—and our customers—at the forefront of what’s happening, Emergent sponsors these important initiatives:

Travel Health Salons

Periodically, Emergent invites external advisors representing travel medicine and tourism to:

  • Improve Emergent’s understanding of the tourism industry and travel medicine
  • Solicit feedback from both the tourism industry and travel medicine stakeholders regarding the impact of COVID-19 on travel, and discuss the changing perceptions of the traveling public
  • Explore opportunities for the tourism and travel medicine industries to work together to protect the traveling public

For additional guidance on travel medicine, your role, and resources, explore Emergent's professional site When there, be sure to sign up for the Port2Port quarterly newsletter with timely updates on travel health trends and topics.


Direct travelers to Emergent's consumer-facing site, TravelHealthConnect, for a detailed overview of travel disease, tips, and resources, as well as an easy-to-use country-by-country risk guide. The site also links to a database of travel healthcare providers by ZIP code.